Power lines

Back in 1992, the island of Kauai was rocked by Hurricane Iniki. Hurricane Iniki basically leveled the entire island, including taking out all of the power lines that ran from the west side up to the North Shore. The island's power plant is located in Ele'ele runs diesel fuel day and night supplying power to the extremities of the island. The island residents were without power for months, even without water.

A friend of mine once told me a story about this time of chaos and destruction. It sounded completely insane, people living out of tents for months, FEMA providing MREs, water, no one being able to take hot showers. The destruction to the island's infrastructure was extensive and when the county chose to rebuild, they decided to put the power lines back up in the same manner that they had existed prior to the hurricane, instead of burying them. Burying the lines would have provided many benefits to the island. A major one being that anytime someone runs their car into one of these poles, it tends to fall over, not only blocking traffic for hours on our one-lane highway, but also cutting out power to the "end of the line"; completely shutting down operations until the accident can be cleared, utility workers can be dispatched, repairs can be made, and power restored.

I always notice the power lines and think about them as I drive to and from various places. Particularly in the morning on clear days. The power lines are alongside our one lane highway that goes almost all of the way around the island; approximately 80 miles end to end. There are very few views which aren't corrupted by the dark streaks of power lines across the sky. Days like the day that I took this picture are particularly interesting, as you can see this incredible view across the interior of the island-which is almost always invisible behind a thick layer of clouds. Only certain wind patterns bring us this type of clarity, and I couldn't help but feel kind of annoyed at the county's inability to grow and adjust with changing technology back in 1992.

In the foreground of the picture you see these thick black power lines stretching across the beautiful pink sky, forever (or for now at least) reminding us that the county didn't change when they had the opportunity to.

As I drive on, I wonder metaphorically, what are the things that I have had the opportunity but chosen to not change in my life? In what ways do they continue to mar my own picturesque landscape of being? How do I get the opportunity to notice when it's maybe time to adjust the placement of the essential power, and do we only have the opportunity to change during mass destruction and chaos? I sure hope not. I hate cold showers.

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