If you don't already know, you will soon discover that I am a huge nerd.  I love information, studies, science, and telling anyone who will listen to me yammer all about it.  So I did us all a favor and compiled a list of some of my favorite resources for everyone to check out.  Now that you're here, I love information, studies, science, and you.  You're welcome.

HFKs Resource Reserves

current articles and books that I am reading and usually talking about in session, and out of session...

Weekly Update  Usually I'm always reading something interesting and am telling everyone else to do so too.  This is my weekly update of information and thoughts and things...all the stuff.

Required Reading  Don't tell me what to do...I made this ongoing list of awesome books because, well it's awesome.  Check it out, or don't.

Therapy FAQs I made this list of FAQs because, well I get asked them all the time.  Have more?  Click the link at the bottom of the page to schedule a consultation.


Suicide Prevention/Intervention

national and local suicide prevention information for adults, children, adolescents, LGBTQ

Crisis Line of Hawaii  1-800-753-6879 (neighbor island number) 24/7 suicide assessment/intervention for adults, children, adolescents.

The Trevor Project 1-866-488-7386  24/7 crisis intervention and suicide prevention directed at LGBTQ individuals

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline   1-800-273-8255

Traumatic Stress

Post-Traumatic Stress, PTSD, Traumatic Event Impact, Life Long Traumatic Stress, Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE)


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