adventure in self-discovery

We all can use a bit of a perspective shift at times.  Adventuring in self-discovery is about shifting perspectives by trying something different; an awesome activity, view, or experience, and taking a chance on learning a little more about how your inner-world works.  





Everytime I venture out into nature (click here to learn more about my recent experience) I learn something new, different, or [shaking fist at the sky] realize I am just repeating the same old tired pattern. Our interaction with the natural world so perfectly parallels what happens in "real life" that sometimes taking an adventure short-circuits our defenses, getting right to the root of our reaction.  Adventures in self-discovery offer folks the opportunity to experience feedback from the elements, coupled with an insightful discussion processing the experience.


Adventures in self-discovery can be short-termed, solution-focused, and/or an intervention in the midst of ongoing therapeutic treatment. 

This type of self-exploration is available for:

  • Residents

  • Visitors

  • Families

  • Teens

  • Adults


If you are interested in learning more about how an adventure can help you, or your children and family, click the link below to schedule a free consultation.




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